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     Are you looking for a console based program that allows you to view jpeg, gif, ppm, bmp, and targa image files?  Seejpeg may be just what you’re looking for.  The cool thing is, I found Seejpeg 1.6.1 in binary form (seejpeg.tgz).  This means that it’s compiled and ready to install like any other Monkey Linux software package (review software packages tutorial).
     In order to get Seejpeg to work you’ll have to download and install the svgalib.tgz graphics library.  Once both of these packages are installed all you have to do is issue the following command to view an image:
     seejpeg <filename>     OPEN <filename> IN seejpeg
     The following is a list of Seejpeg switches:
     -1     one pass quantization (-q implicit)
     -c     center the image if it is smaller than video mode
     -dx    double the image in the x direction
     -f     set fuzz factor to determine video mode
     -g     force greyscale mode (-1 implicit)
     -q     quantize picture (256 color mode)
     -r     randomize order of images
     -s     slideshow, wait {time} seconds between images
     -v     verbose
     -w     only use width to determine video mode
     -C     cycle through pictures
     -F     force the use of {mode} video mode
     -G     specify monitor gamma correction value
     Some notes about this program.  Seejpeg opens image files in the 8th virtual terminal (Alt+F8).  Review virtual terminals in the vterm tutorial.  The image is maximized to fit the entire screen, which I find annoying...but that’s just me.  My final complaint is that it can’t run (as installed) in X Window.  If you want to view images while in X, then install the netscape.tgz package and open them in Netscape.

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