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     The Official Unofficial Monkey Linux Web Site is the result of my trial and error approach to Monkey; as well as, the dissemination of my personal notes gathered on GNU/Linux from various books, periodicals, and web sites.  Although one may find it to be rather informative it's no more than a fan site of the Official Monkey Linux web page located at  I in no way have, or had, any involvement in the development or support of Monkey.
     There is no guarantee that Monkey Linux will function on your PC.  Nor is there any guarantee that the Official Unofficial Monkey Linux web site, download files, and external links will be updated or available in the future.
     This is not a support page for Monkey Linux.  The instructions and tutorials contained within this site were comprised of the steps I took to get Monkey up and running on my personal systems.  They may not work in your case and may damage your system if you don’t know what you are doing.  Heck, I don’t even know what I’m doing.
     Installing Monkey Linux implies that the end user is self motivated to learn the Linux operating system and willing to accept the risk of rendering his or her computer(s) useless.  Backup crucial data before installing Monkey.  Install at your own risk.
     Send questions and/or comments concerning the design and content of this site to August Chaco at  I know what you’re thinking.  In my defense, a long time ago my email provider was owned by a different company.  FYI, it still runs on Sun Microsystem servers!
     Although I am in no way affiliated with the Official Monkey Linux web site or acquainted with the Monkey Linux developer(s), I feel it’s fitting to add a link to someone who Monkey users can send their gripes to.  With that being said...send questions, comments, and bug reports concerning Monkey Linux to Milan Kerslager (the creator of Monkey Linux and administrator of the Official Monkey Linux web site) at

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