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05/29/2002 Once again, I reformatted the text-with-tables pages.  After configuring Apache, I can use pine to send email between users via sendmail.
05/28/2002 Added SuperProbe and xvidtune utilities to X Display tutorial.  Got a message board to work on my Apache setup.
05/26-27/2002 Set up Apache 1.1.3 web server, with cgi-bin support, for testing perl scripts.  I’m one step closer to setting up a Monkey Linux message board.
05/25/2002 Wrote Links 0.97 tutorial.
05/24/2002 Corrected font and pre tag conflicts in tutorial pages.  They caused formatting errors in Netscape.  The lesson: don’t encapsulate pre tags inside of font tags!  Installed svgalib.tgz in hopes to get seejpeg functioning, and it worked.  Wrote seejpeg tutorial.  Installed xpdf.tgz to view pdf files, but get “xpdf: can't load library ''” error.  Figured out how to make mount points user accessible.  Updated floppy and cdrom tutorials.  Separated aliasing from floppy tutorial.  Added a section on Monkey and Slackware in the history part of the description page.  Compiled and installed Links version 0.97, a text-based web browser with table support.  It’s very impressive.
05/23/2002 Configured monitor on Compaq Presario 1210 for proper display of X Window.  Installed neomagic.tgz (and altered /etc/XF86Config) and pine.tgz.  Tried to install seejpeg.tgz but get “can't load library ''” error.  Can view images in Netscape.  Wrote X display tutorial.
05/22/2002 Tried to install PCMCIA, but could not make because of unknown PCI device.
05/20/2002 Figured out how to make MP3 play lists.  Wrote XiMP3 and Minicom tutorial.  Added aliasing to floppy tutorial.
05/19/2002 Created table versions of the tutorials.
05/17/2002 Coded table-version installation instructions in red.  Added escape sequence to man tutorial.  Compiled kernel for my Compaq Presario 1210.  Configured my sound card so now I can use XiMP3 to listen to MP3’s.
05/16/2002 Installed console MP3 player, XiMP3 version 0.1.14, but don't know how to use it.  Need to recompile to properly configure sound card.  Added links to source code for other programs in the download page.
05/11-12/2002 Installed Minicom and dialed into my ISP.  Could not establish a ppp connection, but did connect.  ppp does not show up when I issue the ifconfig command.  Tried to install groff versions 1.17.2, 1.16.1, and 1.10.  Monkey’s GNU C++ compiler could not create it.  Need groff for creating man pages for installed software.  Validated pages at  Formatted text version to conform to HTML 4.01 validation.  Did not fully validate table version because of page layout issues...close enough.
05/10/2002 Fixed the linking errors in the tutorial pages...thanks Melissa!
05/07-08/2002 Redesigned text-with-tables pages.  Replaced foreign language links with google search tool.  Removed PROJECTDEVOLVE link from all pages.
05/05/2002 Corrected a directory error in PPP tutorial and the SET PATH error in installing ARJ.  Started Lynx tutorial.  Did a Monkey Linux search in and found an article that name dropped this site.  Check it out in the Linux section of  Had a feel good moment after posting a response to somebody’s question about Monkey at
05/01/2002 had 2,816 page views last month!
04/27/2002 Added Monkey Pro’s and Con’s in description page.
04/25/2002 Finally got ppp-2.3.5 installed.  Still no internet connection.  Checked site stats...over 2,600 hits so far this month.  Wrote modem and ppp tutorials.
04/24/2002 Wrote short tutorials on workbone and vterm.  PPP still not working.
04/23/2002 Wrote short tutorials on man pages, software packages, boot floppy, and compiling kernel.  Revised table version of tutorial page.
04/22/2002 Revised text version of tutorial page.  Wrote short tutorials on mouse setup, floppy access, and cd-rom access.
04/21/2002 Updated the slam page.  Got kernel to compile and ppp-2.2.0f somewhat installed.  Have to read up on modules.  Still no ppp connection.
04/20/2002 Formatted home page to take up only one screen in Lynx.  Replaced © and ® symbols with (C) and (R) in text pages.  Received email on 4/19 concerning ppp and compiling the kernel.  Decided to give it a try on my Compaq Presario 1210.
04/19/2002 Fixed a few HTML linking errors.  Coded the quotation marks in the text version of the site.  Figured out how to view this site in Lynx.  Copied to floppy, mounted it, typed lynx index.htm and presto!  Noticed HTML codes for quotation marks don’t work...had to change them all back.
04/03/2002 Received an email from somebody setting up an Apache server with Monkey.  Got me I’m reading into it.  He also mentioned that the site looked good in Lynx.
04/01/2002 Did a Lycos search and this site was the 2nd hit.   It was the 5th hit in Altavista.
03/01/2002 Received two emails (Feb 20 and Feb 28) concerning this site.  Did a Google search and this site was the 3rd hit.
12/23-24/2001 Updated copyright.  Worked on cd tutorial.  Wrote MLDP text page.
12/21/2001 Designed ascii monkey and added to home page.
12/20/2001 Rummaged through comp.os.minix archive for Linus Torvalds’ postings.  Some very insightful and hilarious content.  Started a chronological history page of Linux.  May eventually post it.  Updated mouse tutorial.
12/19/2001 Sifted through first 26 issues of the Linux Journal.  My brain hurts immensely, but I’ve learned a lot.  Updated floppy tutorial.
12/18/2001 Completed the floppy device tutorial.  Read up on Mtools 3.0 and added them to programs page.
12/17/2001 Got Synaptics touchpad mouse to work in X.  Completed the mouse tutorial.
12/15/2001 Started Monkey Linux Documentation Project.  May replace University of Monkey, at GNU/Linux with a catalog of how-to’s.
12/14/2001 Added external link to Italian Monkey Linux page.  Downloaded ppp-2.3.4.tar.gz from  Monkey unpacked it.  Now all I need to do is recompile the kernel for PPP support.
12/13/2001 Eureka!  I installed Monkey on a Compaq Presario 5000 with Windows Me and it recognized my CD-R/RW and my DVD-ROM.  Monkey rocks harder than Weezer!
12/12/2001 Read up on pppd and mgetty.  Still trying to connect to the internet.  Created aliases to floppy and cdrom devices in the .cshrc file.  Now I don’t have to type the full mount and umount commands.
12/11/2001 Installed dosemu, netscape, gccall, and kernel packages on generic system.  Ran netscape in X.  Mouse worked in X without need for configuration.  Ran xedit...yucky.
12/10/2001 Tried to connect Avatar Shark 250.  Need PARIDE support.  Included in kernel 2.0.36 and above.
12/09/2001 Worked on tutorial and copyright sections.  Started reading up on sendmail.  Attached serial modem to Compaq Presario 1210.  Port is configured, but haven’t figured out how to dial out.  Need PPP.
12/08/2001 Got touchpad mouse to work on Compaq Presario 1210.  Updated legal page.  Added copyright section.  Updated tutorial page.
12/07/2001 Got Dexxa serial mouse to work on generic system by swapping ports on controller card.
12/06/2001 Worked on symbolic link tutorial.  Played with X and Pine.  Started a list of bugs.
12/05/2001 Started first attempt at getting mouse to work.  Failed miserably. Worked on mouse and daemons tutorial.  Added a few more favorite commands to the list.
12/04/2001 Worked on tutorial for virtual terminals.  Figured out how to send and read mail, between users@monkey, using PINE.  Also opened the PICO editor for the first time since having an account at the university.
12/03/2001 Yeehaw...I finally mounted the floppy and cdrom drives on my Compaq Presario 1210 and generic system!  Cleaned code.  Played my first audio cd (Uprising by Bob Marley & The Wailers) on Monkey using Workbone 2.3.  Worked on Workbone, floppy, cdrom, and man tutorials while jamming out.  Yah mon!  Eee-shooshie, dilly wohn dally!
12/02/2001 Finished tableless web site.  Built slam page to link both text-only and table sites together.
12/01/2001 Added “what is Monkey” and “essential files” to Monkey See page.  Cleaned code.  Added anchor links in Monkey See, Monkey Do and and System Requirements pages.  Added “my favorite commands” to Monkey Do page.  Added file table to Download page.  Submitted URL to Open Directory Project.  In 2 weeks to several months this site may be engine searchable!  Spell checked.  Started working on pure-text site.
11/30/2001 Added Monkey file structure to Monkey See page.
11/28-29/2001 Added link to Hungarian site.  Added subject line to email link...thanks Melissa. Updated Legal page.  Tested in Netscape Navigator 4.76 and the table formatting was acting all goofy.  Revised template once again.  Hopefully this will resolve formatting issues between browsers.
11/27/2001 Updated Disclaimer, Monkey Do, System Requirements, and shut down process in Installation page.
11/26/2001 Updated Monkey See and Monkey Do pages.
11/25/2001 Installed Monkey on an antiquated generic system.
11/23-24/2001 Read up on UMSDOS and FAT file systems.  Disected the Monkey boot process and LINUX.BAT.
11/22/2001 Corrected the table alignment problems in Netscape Navigator 6.x.  Did some code cleaning.  Corrected links to different language pages.  Still need a Spanish site.  Added Project Devolve and Faculty pages.
11/21/2001 Updated system requirements page.
11/20/2001 Tested in Internet Explorer 6.0.2600.0000.  Re-installed Monkey on Compaq Presario 1210.  Used the boot disk method to load Monkey.
11/17/2001 FTP’d English pages into!
11/15/2001 Refined Installation page.  Added more links.
11/01/2001 Checked spelling.  Created monkey house graphic.  Tested in Netscape Communicator  Tested in Amaya 5.2 (problems with tables and text).  Tested in Netscape Navigator (problems with tables, code tag, and anchor links).  Domain name hosted at  Fixed Netscape Navigator 6.x code tag problem.
10/31/2001 Tested in Netscape Navigator 6.0 (problems with tables and anchor links) and Internet Explorer 5.50.4134.0600.
10/28-29/2001 Tested in Netscape Navigator 3.04.  Updated HTML template.  Cleaned English HTML.  Improved English documentation.  University of Monkey, at GNU/Linux.
10/26-27/2001 Improved English documentation.  Updated external links.  Redesigned Czech web page (view old version).
10/24-25/2001 Installed on a Compaq Presario 1210 notebook.  Booted after two tries.  It was a shame web site had not been update since 1997.  Redesigned English web page (view old version).  Hand coded.  Tested under Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape Communicator 4.76.  Designed for text based browsers (with table support) and fast page loading.
01/11/2001 Found Monkey Linux at  Installed on a GRiD 1755 laptop.  Booted on first try.

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