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     This tutorial does not cover dialing out and connecting to an ISP.
To do that you will need to install pppd (review PPP tutorial).  Only
serial modems are covered in this tutorial and the discussion is limited
to getting Monkey to recognize which port it is connected to.  Here are
the steps:

     1. Connect serial modem to the computer, plug in, and turn on.

     2. Power on computer, boot Monkey Linux, and log in as 'root'.

     3. Tell Monkey which port the modem is connected to.  In Monkey,
        COM1 is ttyS0 and COM2 is ttyS1.

          cd /dev               CHANGE TO /dev DIRECTORY
          ls -l modem           LIST DEFAULT MODEM CONNECTION
          rm modem              REMOVE OLD LINK
          ln -s ttyS0 modem     CREATE NEW LINK TO MODEM

     4. See if Monkey can communicate with the modem.  After issuing the
        following command a bunch of text should appear on the screen.
        Pay no attention to the meaning of the text.  If you see a light
        flash on the modem then there's a connection.

          stty -a < /dev/modem

     If you get an error after issuing the 'stty -a < /dev/modem' command
then you'll need to go back to step 3 and try linking to a different
port.  I've been told to steer clear of /dev/cua* ports (where * is equal
to 0,1,2,...) because they've been phased out in new Linux kernels.

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