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     Install the ARJ file archive utility before installing Monkey.  This
utility is needed to expand Monkey during the installation process.  ARJ
is a free utility developed by ARJ Software and is available for download

     You will need 5 IBM formatted 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy disks to copy the
Monkey Linux installation files.  Label each diskette with the name of the
file copied to it.  Monkey's installation files and software packages are
available from the following list of locations:

     Primary site:

     These are all of the files that are available for download.  This
table lists both the installation files and the ready-to-install packages.
Are you tired of getting bad downloads from those links above?  I've
linked the files below to an alternative server.

     File Name     Description                                     MB
     mlinux06.arj  Installation package (disk 1/5)                 1.38
     mlinux06.a01  Installation package (disk 2/5)                 1.38
     mlinux06.a02  Installation package (disk 3/5)                 1.38
     mlinux06.a03  Installation package (disk 4/5)                 1.38
     mlinux06.a04  Installation package (disk 5/5)                 1.16
     apache.tgz    Apache 1.1.3 (web server)                       0.08
     dosemu.tgz    DosEmu 0.64.4 (DOS emulator)                    0.41
     gccall.tgz    Gnu C Compiler 2.7.2 (libc5, for kernel         2.49
                   compilation) and Linux kernel 2.0.29
     kern2030.tgz  Linux kernel 2.0.30                             4.97
     manpages.tgz  Manual pages 1.4h (trimmed down)                0.73
     netscape.tgz  Netscape Navigator Gold 3.01 (web browser)      2.37
     sendmail.tgz  Sendmail 8.8.5 with PINE 3.95 and PICO 2.9      1.08
                   (email transfer agent, email utility, and text
     x32ma64.tgz   Mach 64 accelerated X server                    0.68
     x32s3.tgz     S3 accelerated X server                         0.82

     Here are some links to files that you may want to install to add more
functionality to Monkey.  The fun part is you'll get to compile and
install some of these files on your own.  Itís not difficult to do, and I
outlined the process in the tutorial page.

     File Name                  Description                        MB
     neomagic.tgz               Neomagic unaccelerated X server    0.83
     seejpeg.tgz                Seejpeg 1.6.1 (image viewer)       0.05
     svgalib.tgz                SVGA library 1.2.13 (for seejpeg)  0.66
     ppp-2.3.5.tar.gz           PPP 2.3.5 daemon (connect to ISP)  0.64 
     minicom-2.00.0.src.tar.gz  Minicom 2.00.0 (dial-out service)  0.52
     ximp3-0.1.14.tar.gz        XiMP3 0.1.14 (MP3 player)          0.12
     links-0.97.tar.gz          Links 0.97 (browser table support) 0.50

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