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     If you're looking for an A:\ drive in Monkey, you're not going to
find one.  Instead of using a "drive" to access the contents of a floppy
disk, Linux uses the 'mount' command along with a 'mount point'.  Log in
as the super user (root), insert a DOS formatted diskette into your
floppy device and type these commands:

     mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt -o rw     MOUNT FLOPPY DISK
     cd /mnt                                CHANGE TO /mnt DIRECTORY
     ls -a                                  LOOK AT CONTENTS OF DISK
     cd /                                   CHANGE TO ROOT DIRECTORY
     umount /mnt                            UNMOUNT FLOPPY DISK

     If you'd like to know what all that mess following the mount command
means, then I suggest you install manpages.tgz and issue the 'man mount'
command.  Be sure to 'umount' your mount points before logging out.

     Did something go wrong when trying to use the 'mount' command?  Try
replacing /dev/fd0 with /dev/fd1 or /dev/fd2.

     Do some, or all, of the files on the floppy have long file names
(more than eight characters)?  Mount the vfat file system instead of the
msdos file system to get around this problem.

     When you try mounting the floppy as a user (not root) you're going
to be disappointed.  Security defaults dictate that users not have
the ability to mount/unmount devices.  However, you can (as root) grant
limited floppy/cdrom access to users.  I don't know if doing so will
compromise security, but Monkey isn't very secure to begin with.  Follow
these instructions to allow users mount and umount privileges:

     chmod 775 /mnt     GIVE USERS rwx ACCESS ON FLOPPY MOUNT POINT
     cd /sbin           CHANGE TO /sbin DIRECTORY
     chmod u+s mount    SET mount LINK TO suid root
     cd /bin            CHANGE TO /bin DIRECTORY
     chmod u+s mount    SET mount TO suid root
     chmod u+s umount   SET umount TO suid root
     cd /etc            CHANGE TO /etc DIRECTORY

     Now we need to add two lines in the /etc/fstab file.  The alterations
will allow users to access the cdrom with the 'mount /cdrom' command and the
floppy with the 'mount /mnt' command.  Follow these directions:

     1. Open /etc/fstab in joe text editor.
          joe fstab
     2. Press Ctrl+K then H to show options.
     3. Add these two lines:
          /dev/fd0  /mnt    vfat     noauto,user
          /dev/hdc  /cdrom  iso9660  noauto,user
     4. Press Crtl+K then X to save changes and exit joe.

     Now everybody under the sun has access to the floppy and cdrom
devices on your box(es).  Okay, not everybody...just those with user

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