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     If you’re trying to establish a PPP connection with your internet service provider (ISP), then Minicom may be of interest to you.  The latest version of Minicom (version 2.00.0 at the time of this writing) is available for download at  For a more comprehensive look at Minicom visit the web site and read the PPP Over Minicom how-to.
     This tutorial only discusses how to install Minicom 2.00.0.  To use it, you ll have to install pppd (review PPP tutorial) and configure your modem (review modem set up tutorial).  I’ll update this tutorial as soon as I figure out how to establish a PPP connection to my ISP.
     Unpack the minicom-2.00.00.tar.gz source code file like you would any other Monkey software package (review software packages tutorial).  Follow these directions to compile and install Minicom:
     cd /minicom-2.00.0    CHANGE TO SOURCE CODE DIRECTORY
     sh ./configure        CONFIGURE MINICOM IN BOURNE SHELL
     make                  COMPILE MINICOM SOURCE CODE
     make check            RUN SELF-TESTS
     make install          INSTALL MINICOM BINARY
     make clean            REMOVE MINICOM OBJECT FILES
     make distclean        REMOVE FILES CONFIGURE CREATED
     Minicom is now installed in the /usr/local/bin directory.  Issue the ‘minicom’ command to start Minicom.  Press ‘Ctrl+A’ then ‘Z’ to display the help menu.  If hard disk space is an issue, then delete the Minicom source code directory with the ‘rm -R minicom-2.00.0’ command.

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