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released 9/5/1997
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     This tutorial is far from finished.  The only topic covered here is installing the pppd daemon.  Sometime in the future there will be another separate tutorial on configuring ppp with chat to get an internet connection to an ISP.
     Preliminary rants and ravings.  Installing the point-to-point protocol daemon (pppd) has been the source of a lot of personal misery and triumphs in learning.  I probably would have never compiled the kernel if it wasn’t for me trying to install pppd.  Compiling the kernel is a good thing...the bad thing is all the frustration that results in waiting for the darn thing to compile.  Then hours later you get some error and you have to start all over or some error arises with building pppd and it doesn’t install.  After all that, I found out that it wasn’t even necessary to compile the kernel to install PPP.  Although this tutorial isn’t complete, hopefully it will prevent you from losing as much hair as I did when trying to install pppd.
     First thing first, you must have installed the man.tgz, gccall.tgz, and kernel2030.tgz (review software packages tutorial).  Next, you’ll have to download a version of PPP from  I’m using PPP version 2.3.5 because it’s the last version to mention, in the README.linux file, that it was tested in Linux kernel 2.0.30.  The oldest version of PPP you can use with Monkey is version 2.2.0.  Unpack the ppp-2.3.5.tar.gz file by placing it in the /install directory, just like you would do to a ready-to-installed package.  After PPP is unpacked read the README.linux file.
     cd /ppp-2.3.5                  CHANGE TO /ppp-2.3.5 DIRECTORY
     cat README.linux | more        OPEN README.linux FILE
     PPP works in two levels, one for users (pppd) and one for the kernel (modules).  For the two levels to jive, PPP support must be compiled into the kernel and the pppd daemon must be installed.  Fortunately for us PPP was compiled as a module, so we don’t need to recompile the kernel. Unfortunately, the pppd daemon was not installed.  Here’s how to install the pppd daemon:
     cd /lib/modules/2.0.30/net     TAKE A LOOK AT THE ppp.o, shlc.o,
     ls -a                          AND bsd_comp.o MODULES
     cd /usr/bin                    CHANGE TO /usr/bin DIRECTORY
     ln -s grep egrep               LINK grep TO egrep
     cd /ppp-2.3.5                  CHANGE TO /ppp-2.3.5 DIRECTORY
     ./configure                    BUILD LINKS TO MAKEFILES
     make kernel                    UPDATE PPP RELATED KERNEL SOURCES
     make                           BUILD PPP PROGRAMS
     make install                   INSTALL pppd IN /usr/sbin AND
                                    SCRIPTS IN /etc/ppp
     The astute will notice that we didn’t configure the kernel as instructed in the /ppp-2.3.5/README.linux file.  PPP is included as a module in the base install of Monkey, so we needed only to install pppd.  However, we did update the PPP related portion of the kernel source code for when we do eventually get around to compiling the kernel.  Anyhow, now we have the pppd daemon installed in the /usr/sbin directory.  This is where the tutorial ends because I don’t know how to use pppd or modify it’s configuration files.

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