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     The most valuable software utility in Linux is the 'man' command.
It's your window to the command/utility/software manual pages.  Monkey's
developer(s) provided a trimmed down version of the manual pages that
must be downloaded and installed (review install packages tutorial).
After successfully installing the manpages.tgz software package take a
look at how to properly configure your mouse with 'gpm' and access file
systems with the 'mount' command by issuing the following 'man' commands:

          man gpm          READ THE MANUAL ON GPM
          man mount        READ THE MANUAL ON MOUNT
          man man          READ THE MANUAL ON MAN

     Here's a bit of information that will keep you from bursting a major
artery.  Type ':q' to exit the man program and return to the prompt. This
is the same program escape sequence used for the 'which' utility and the
vi text editor.

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