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     Lynx is a text-based web browser that doesn't support HTML tables or
digital imagery.  Despite its drawbacks, it still holds a dear place in
my heart because Lynx was the second web browser (after Netscape) I've
ever used.  Honestly, who really needs all of that DHTML fluffery?  If
you frequent sites that display what really matters, content, then Lynx
will suit you well.

     I've yet to figure out how to connect to my ISP with PPP (review PPP
tutorial) so I can only provide instructions on viewing and designing web
pages off-line.  Let's create a quick and dirty web site that we will use
to learn how to use lynx.

     First let's create a directory for our web pages (HTML files).

          cd ~                     CHANGE TO HOME DIRECTORY
          mkdir html               CREATE DIRECTORY FOR WEB PAGES
          cd /html                 CHANGE TO html DIRECTORY

     Now let's make a web page with the JOE text editor.

          joe test.htm             CREATE AND OPEN text.htm FILE IN JOE

     Type the following lines of HTML code in the JOE text editor.

            <title>Lynx test page.</title>
            I can design pages for the Lynx web browser!

     All we need to do now is save our work and open our HTML document.

          CTRL+K then X            SAVE DOCUMENT AND EXIT JOE
          lynx ~/html/test.htm     OPEN DOCUMENT IN LYNX

     Monkey Linux provides all the tools necessary to write and test web
pages like the text-version of  Now we just
need to figure out how to use Lynx to browse web sites while connected to
the internet.

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