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     This tutorial assumes that your floppy drive is known as the A:\
drive and that you've installed Monkey Linux in the C:\linux directory.
If that's not the case then you'll have to make a few adjustments.

     What I mean when I say "boot floppy" is not "rescue disk" but "start
up" disk.  In other words, a disk that you place in your floppy drive
that will boot up Monkey Linux when you turn on your computer.  This
method makes life a bit more easier and is actually necessary to do if
you installed Monkey on a computer running Windows Me.  Basically we'll
be making a DOS/Windows boot disk with a batch file that starts the
Monkey boot process for us, so we don't ever have to fiddle with a DOS

     I thought I was brilliant when I used this method to circumvent the
"DOS prompt at boot time" problem in Windows Me.  It turned out that this
problem was tackled years ago and posted on the web at
SiliconValley/Network/8907/mlinux_h.html.  I snaked the instructions on
creating the config.sys and autoexect.bat files and added them here, but
you should still visit that site because it has plenty of Monkey Linux

     Let's make this boot floppy from a DOS prompt, regardless of which
Microsoft operating system (excluding Me/Nt/XP) you're using.  Note that
Microsoft made efforts to phase out DOS in Windows Me, so Windows Me
users must use a Windows 9X system disk to boot Monkey Linux.  Access a
DOS prompt, insert a disk into the floppy drive, and follow these
instructions to create your boot disk:

     1. Access your A:\ drive
          C:\> a:
     2. Make sure nothing important is on the floppy
          A:\> dir
     3. Format the floppy with the 'system disk' option
          A:\> format a: /s
     4. Change to the directory holding the DOS utilities
          a) DOS/WINDOWS 3.X USERS
               A:\> c:
               C:\> cd dos
          b) WINDOWS 9X USERS
               A:\> c:
               C:\> cd windows\command
     5. Copy the following files to the floppy:
          C:\...\> copy attrib.exe a:
          C:\...\> copy chkdsk.exe a:
          C:\...\> copy a:
          C:\...\> copy fdisk.exe a:
          C:\...\> copy a:
          C:\...\> copy mem.exe a:
          C:\...\> copy a:
          C:\...\> copy mscdex.exe a:
          C:\...\> copy scandisk.exe a:
     7. Go back to your A:\ drive
          C:\...\> a:
     6. Create an autoexec.bat file for your floppy
          A:\> edit a:\autoexec.bat
     8. Add these lines to the file
          @ECHO OFF
          VERIFY OFF
          CD LINUX
     9. Save file and exit editor
    10. Create a config.sys file for your floppy
          A:\> edit a:\config.sys
    11. Add these lines to the file
    12. Save file and exit editor

     Congratulations.  You now have yourself a Monkey Linux boot disk.
When you want to boot Monkey just place the disk in your floppy drive and
(re)start your computer.

     For Windows 95/98 users, there is a much easier way to create a boot
diskette.  Simply open the Control Panel folder, double click Add/Remove
Programs, and select the Startup Disk tab.  To convert your startup disk
to a Monkey Linux boot disk you'll need to add the autoexec.bat and
config.sys files from above.

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