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Monkey Linux
current version 06
released 9/5/1997
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     A long time ago I came across a magazine that had a little blip about a console web browser, with table support, named Links.  I put the thought of downloading it on the back burner because I was still trying to figure out how to use Monkey’s default console web browser, Lynx.  Months later (May, 2002) I finally got around to compiling and installing Links version 0.97.  I must admit that I’m thoroughly impressed, and I wish I had installed it sooner.
     Okay, enough babbling and on to the install process.  First of all, download Links from  Next, unpack the .tar.gz file like you would any other Monkey Linux software package (review software packages tutorial).  Finally, follow these directions to compile and install Links:
     cd /links-0.97       CHANGE TO LINKS SOURCE DIRECTORY
     sh ./configure       CONFIGURE LINKS IN THE BOURNE SHELL
     make                 COMPILE LINKS
     make install         INSTALL LINKS
     make clean           REMOVE LINKS OBJECT FILES
     make distclean       REMOVE FILES CONFIGURE CREATED
     Two files are installed, /usr/local/bin/links and /usr/local/man/man1/links.1.  Don’t bother trying to view the Links man page, because Monkey isn’t equipped with the necessary software to build it.  To run Links just type the ‘links’ command.  To view/hide the menu bar press the ‘Esc’ key.  When run in X, web-links are mouse enabled.

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